People with disabilities can be viable and valuable employees when given a chance to work in a company. Unfortunately, many employers think hiring a PWD is a bad idea and could hurt their business.

This website aims to prove that PWDs have the necessary skills. All they need is to be given equal opportunity to prove their worth.

Blind Models in the Philippines and Their White Cane

The recently concluded 2014 Philippine Fashion Week has given these two blind models, Arhjessa Tagulao Espiritu and Czarinah Michaela Mercado, both visually impaired, a chance to showcase their modeling skills. Using their white cane, they surprised the audience with their

6 Reasons Why Getting a Blind Singer to Sing for Your Wedding is a Good Idea

If you are looking for a singer for your event like wedding, I recommend you try a blind singer. I will tell you six reasons why you should do that and why it is a good idea. This post is

Can Visually Impaired Filipinos Work in a Call Center?

Because now a blind can use a computer with the help of a screen reader, there are people who think that it’s easier to find jobs that’s why they always encourage every blind individual to apply as a call center

Can You Have a Guide Dog If You’re in the Philippines and You are Blind?

A guide dog example A straightforward answer to this question is a “confident yes”! You can have a guide dog where ever you are in the world as long as you really need it and you’re capable of having it.