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Write for us!

Do you have something you want to contribute on the BlindStreet blog? Articles, tutorials, podcast, audio or video performances? Then what are you waiting for! Do not hesitate and join right away!

Why would you want to write for BlindStreet

BlindStreet’s main goal is to provide a home for those talented people with disabilities (PWDS) living in the Philippines. However, we also publish articles regarding different accessibility issues, tutorials and other topics that we think are useful for our PWD readers.

If you’re interested to become part of our team, kindly send us a message and be our partner in helping the PWD community!


The following are the requirements if ever you want to write for

  • You must really have the passion for helping PWDs
  • You must be knowledgeable on the topic that you plan to write
  • Be sure your chosen topic is well-researched
  • You must be prepared for giving out accurate and up-to-date hands-on tips and information
  • Basic HTML knowledge is recommended but not required
  • You must be able to write purely in english; not necessarily perfect english
  • You must be open for suggestions, corrections, and modifications regarding your content

If you really think you have all the requirements that we are looking for, the next step is to read our post guidelines. Then you can start submitting articles after that.

We can’t wait to have you join our team! However if you still have questions, you can contact us by clicking this link.