Persons with disabilities like the visually impaired in the Philippines love music so much. Most of them are singers or band members. They also know how to play different kinds of musical instruments and use audio editing software to record their piece. Discover their talent under this category. Of course we’ll be happy if you decide to hire a PWD to perform for your event!

Sarah Joyce Ocampo Singing Ayoko Na, Her Original Composition

Ayoko na is Sarah Joyce Ocampo’s original composition. This song was recorded using a cheap computer microphone. The audio editing software used was GoldWave.

Blind Girl from the Philippines singing Wrecking Ball While Reading Braille

Joyce Jimenez a blind girl reading Braille Actually this concept is not new to us visually impaired musicians. I remember almost fifteen years ago if my memory is correct, one of the singers of my band was also blind and… Continue reading Blind Girl from the Philippines singing Wrecking Ball While Reading Braille

Another Song From Sarah Joyce, a Blind Singer from the Philippines

Sarah Joyce is a blind singer who I know personally. That is why I have a few posts related to her here on Blind Street. Like this song that was also featured here almost two years ago, in this song,

Does Anna Gusmo Really Sound Like Karen Carpenter?

If you searched the name Anna Gusmo on Youtube, you’d get results like “Blind lady sounds exactly like Karen Carpenter”, “Blind woman with a voice of Karen Carpenter”, “Meet blind singer who sounds like Karen Carpenter” etc.

Sarah Joyce Singing Bridges

Accessible Audio Editor for Visually Impaired Musicians

GoldWave Interface I notice that visually impaired people are not only born musicians but they love to edit their work as well. They don’t just simply record and save their audio file, they also use audio editing software

Visually Impaired Filipinos Have Talent to Share

Blind Filipinos have something in common. They all love to sing! Talent as we call it, but it is also how they express their feelings. Watch these two blind females as they sing Two Voices one Song