A collection of different audio recordings. Listen to a few and you’ll realize that blind are actually good singers.

Sarah Joyce Ocampo Cover of Completely by Ana Laura

This is Sarah Joyce’s own version of the song Completely. She sang it using an entry level studio quality microphone, an old computer and a room with no sound treatment.

iPhone and Android Podcast Third Episode

This is the third episode of our podcast about iPhone and Android and their accessibility features. In this episode, there are two topics that were discussed.

iPhone and Android Podcast Second Episode

This is the second episode of our podcast about Android, iPhone and their accessibility features. In this episode, our discussion is focused more on the Android device and its Talkback feature. Talkback is the screen reader for Android used by

iPhone and Android Podcast First Episode

In this podcast, you will learn how to operate your Android or iPhone/iOS device using the accessibility feature called Talkback on the Android and Voiceover on the iPhone. The four topics discussed are the following:

Czarinah Michaela Mercado Interview on TV5 Metro Sabado Ako ay Ikaw Rin

From Czarinah Michaela Mercado’s Facebook: When you are thankful for what you have, you are always rewarded with more. And I am indeed thankful once again for this opportunity to speak and to share my life and my dreams. Thank

Lihim by Sarah Joyce Ocampo, an Original Composition

Lihim was recorded using a cheap computer microphone, Cakewalk and a midi controller. Sarah Joyce composed this song and she’s also the one who played the instruments.

Sarah Joyce Ocampo Singing Ayoko Na, Her Original Composition

Ayoko na is Sarah Joyce Ocampo’s original composition. This song was recorded using a cheap computer microphone. The audio editing software used was GoldWave.