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iPhone and Android Podcast Third Episode

This is the third episode of our podcast about iPhone and Android and their accessibility features. In this episode, there are two topics that were discussed.

iPhone and Android Podcast Second Episode

This is the second episode of our podcast about Android, iPhone and their accessibility features. In this episode, our discussion is focused more on the Android device and its Talkback feature. Talkback is the screen reader for Android used by

iPhone and Android Podcast First Episode

In this podcast, you will learn how to operate your Android or iPhone/iOS device using the accessibility feature called Talkback on the Android and Voiceover on the iPhone. The four topics discussed are the following:

JAWS Scripts for Skype, SkypeTalking and their features

For those who use Skype especially those visually impaired internet users, this short tutorial maybe beneficial. I will teach you how to do few things on Skype using ascreen reader such as clicking a URL within a message, iniciating or

Yahoo Mail Accessibility for JAWS Users

Ten years ago when I first created my Yahoo email account, I think I was in a computer training that time, the interface of Yahoo mail was so simple. It was just a basic web-based email; well organized for instance

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Screen Reader Instead of Braille

Braille Embosser

A hand while reading Braille Assistive technology in this modern time really helps the blind to perform his or her task everyday. For example, when checking his or her email, writing a document or simply in using social networks,

A Few Tips on How to Make your Website Accessible for Blind Visitors

The first thing you’d want if you are an owner of a website is to get as many visitors as possible in any given day right? Now that even a blind person can browse the internet, you should also recognize