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The Story of RBI, an Organization that Helps the Blind Filipinos

A hand while reading Braille This is the story of Resources for the Blind Incorporated RBI, an organization that provides products and services for blind Filipinos all over the Philippines. While we know that the Philippine government is doing their

Czarinah Michaela Mercado Interview on TV5 Metro Sabado Ako ay Ikaw Rin

From Czarinah Michaela Mercado’s Facebook: When you are thankful for what you have, you are always rewarded with more. And I am indeed thankful once again for this opportunity to speak and to share my life and my dreams. Thank

Using the White Cane, the Right Way

I found a video on Youtube showing how to use the white cane. In the video, you can see a sighted person trying to experience that white stick we blind are using. According to her the sighted, it was hard

12 Tips on How to Interact with a Blind Person

Fou Che This post is for sighted people who don’t know how to approach or guide a blind. Remember the most important advice from the list, you should ask first the blind if he or she needs help before doing

Blind Models in the Philippines and Their White Cane

The recently concluded 2014 Philippine Fashion Week has given these two blind models, Arhjessa Tagulao Espiritu and Czarinah Michaela Mercado, both visually impaired, a chance to showcase their modeling skills. Using their white cane, they surprised the audience with their

JAWS Scripts for Skype, SkypeTalking and their features

For those who use Skype especially those visually impaired internet users, this short tutorial maybe beneficial. I will teach you how to do few things on Skype using ascreen reader such as clicking a URL within a message, iniciating or

Yahoo Mail Accessibility for JAWS Users

Ten years ago when I first created my Yahoo email account, I think I was in a computer training that time, the interface of Yahoo mail was so simple. It was just a basic web-based email; well organized for instance