National Registration for Voters with Disabilities in the Philippines on July 20, 2014


The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is stepping up its commitment to disability inclusive elections, with its latest Resolution, dated June 25, 2014, declaring July 20, 2014 as the National Registration Day for Voters with Disabilities, in all COMELEC local offices. Continue reading

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Lihim by Sarah Joyce Ocampo, an Original Composition


Lihim was recorded using a cheap computer microphone, Cakewalk and a midi controller. Sarah Joyce composed this song and she’s also the one who played the instruments.

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6 Reasons Why Getting a Blind Singer to Sing for Your Wedding is a Good Idea


If you are looking for a singer for your event like wedding, I recommend you try a blind singer. I will tell you six reasons why you should do that and why it is a good idea. This post is not to compare a sighted performer to a blind, but obviously to promote blind singers in the Philippines. Continue reading

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Sarah Joyce Ocampo Singing Ayoko Na, Her Original Composition

Sarah Joyce holding a mic

Ayoko na is Sarah Joyce Ocampo’s original composition. This song was recorded using a cheap computer microphone. The audio editing software used was GoldWave. Continue reading

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JAWS Scripts for Skype, SkypeTalking and their features

People Using Skype

For those who use Skype especially those visually impaired internet users, this short tutorial maybe beneficial. I will teach you how to do few things on Skype using ascreen reader such as clicking a URL within a message, iniciating or accepting a file transfer and many more. I hope at the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to manipulate Skype more effectively even you’re not using the mouse. Continue reading

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Yahoo Mail Accessibility for JAWS Users

Yahoo mail login page

Ten years ago when I first created my Yahoo email account, I think I was in a computer training that time, the interface of Yahoo mail was so simple. It was just a basic web-based email; well organized for instance I just had to press Letter H for headings to go to different sections within a webpage. If I wanted to find a particular link I’d just press insert F7. Life was so easy back then. Continue reading

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Blind Girl from the Philippines singing Wrecking Ball While Reading Braille

Joyce Jimenez, a blind girl from the Philippines holding a mic in one hand and Braille in another

Actually this concept is not new to us visually impaired musicians. I remember almost fifteen years ago if my memory is correct, one of the singers of my band was also blind and she was also reading Braille while singing. The only difference then was well, we didn’t have Continue reading

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