Can a Blind Use the Telephone?

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A telephone unit

I think the telephone or anything similar is one of the greatest inventions in our history. But have you ever asked yourself about the usability of this technology for those who can’t see the telephone keypad? I’m talking about those visually impaired people all over the world who can also benefit from having their own communication lines available for their businesses, services, jobs and for their personal use.

One greatest feature of the telephone is the small dot which is located just above the number 5 key. Every time a blind person dials a phone number, it becomes easier for him to locate the correct combination by touching first the number 5 key.

I was asked one time when I was using a public telephone, “how do you manage to dial the right combination”? I answered back, “by this dot”! And immediately touched the number 5 key. Also, there’s one time that I was teaching a blind who never went to school, he easily learned how to dial a phone number because of the dot.

All those blind Filipinos who have their own cell phones are able to send text messages and make phone calls because of that wonderful feature. Same with the computer keyboard, I can type because I can easily locate the letters F and J.

So every time you see a blind person texting in a public place, remind him to always check for any unusual movements around in other words, tell him to be careful! Any connection?

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Joey G.

Joey is a blind blogger based in the Philippines. He knows HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. He loves to blog, that's why he created this website. He wants to help his community. At the same time, he also wants to improve his writing skills.

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