A Blind Legend: An Accessible Audio Game Podcast (Headphones Recommended)

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A Blind Legend is an accessible audio game for visually impaired gamers but sighted people are also welcome to try it for them to become more familiar with blindness and how a blind person is able to move around his or her surroundings. It is not perfect, but the realism is evident in the game, as well as the accuracy of the sound positions and other sound effects.

A Blind Legend Podcast (Headphones Recommended) hosted by Sarah

This is the first episode of our podcast about A Blind Legend, an audio game for the visually impaired people. This exciting, accessible audio game for the blind is available on the App Store for iOS, Play Store for Android and there are also Windows and Mac versions of A Blind Legend. Both mobile versions of the game are free, while the Mac and PC versions cost 229.95 pesos.

A Blind Legend Description

You will have to replace your eyes with your ears for this game. No graphics, just completely audio only!! Of course the game logo is shown when you launch the app, but aside from that the screen will not display any video. Because of this game, you will discover the original, innovative sensory experience of binaural 3D sound. Because of this, we recommend that you use headphones when you play this game.

Headphones are Recommended When Playing A Blind Legend!

A Blind Legend is a very accessible game which will help raise to give public awareness about visual impairment so if you’re sighted you’re also welcome to try this audio game, but let me remind you that your eyes will be of no help. So wear headphones, close your eyes, sharpen your hearing as well as your blade, and embark on an epic, perilous rite of passage.

This game is about Edward Blake, a famous blind knight. He has to complete the mission with the help of his daughter Louise. The character is you the player, so you have to guide the main character in completing all of his adventures. You and your daughter have to find your way towards the kingdom; avoid the traps while defeating all the dangerous enemies in the process.

What I like about A Blind Legend is it features the technology of binaural audio, or the 3D sound – as if you’re actually in the scene.

About A Blind Legend Podcast

In this podcast, Sarah will do an audio demonstration and a walkthrough for the first few scenes of A Blind Legend. She will explain the different gestures you can use in playing the game. But before that, she’s going to explain the game interface; some of the features and menu items. Lastly she will give a few tips and techniques so I suggest you listen very carefully and learn them all for you to become a certified (A Blind Legend!)

I’m sure you’re going to like this game like I do, so I urge you to give it a try and download it from the links provided above. And I’d be glad if you comeback here and give your feedback about the game in the comments.

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  1. Robert Mendoza

    Nice podcast and I loved the game. Superb and never who would thought that this game more enjoyable. ? Just curious if there is more game that suit for the blind gamers and also, free to download. ? Looking forward for your response. Thanks!

    1. Joey G.

      You failed to mention the device you are using; but you can try Audio Game Hub – available in the Play Store, App Store and Windows. If you’re on iOS, I suggest you try Audio Defense. On Android there’s a game called Crafting Kingdom if you’re into that type of genre. On Windows, AlterEon and A Hero’s Call are also popular among blind people. For more accessible games you may want to checkout the audiogames.net website.

  2. Sams

    I just wanna know why m not able to finish this blind legend fourth seen? any help?

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