iPhone and Android Podcast First Episode

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In this very first episode of our podcast, you will learn how to operate your Android or iPhone/iOS device using the accessibility feature called Talkback on the Android and Voiceover on the iPhone. If you are blind or sighted who know someone who is blind, this will be benefitial for you.

The four topics discussed are the following:

  1. Talkback and Voiceover
  2. Navigating your Android or iPhone device
  3. Using CamFind
  4. Typing and editing

What you’ll learn from this iPhone and Android podcast

First we will discuss some of the differences between iPhone and Android and their accessibility for the visually impaired users. We will demonstrate very quickly the screen reader for each operating system – (Voiceover for iPhone and Talkback for Android).

Then we will show a very wonderful selfie app for the blind called CamFind and demonstrate how it works.

Lastly we will teach you how to type and edit the text using the screen readers mentioned above.

We hope that this presentation will be useful for those who want to use touch screen devices, particularly Android or iPhone.

If you have any questions regarding the topics discussed in this podcast, or you have something else to add, leave your comments below. And we will try to include them in our next presentation.

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Joey G.

Joey is a blind blogger based in the Philippines. He knows HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. He loves to blog, that's why he created this website. He wants to help his community. At the same time, he also wants to improve his writing skills.

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