iPhone and Android Podcast Third Episode

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Accessible Android phone
Samsung Android phone

Sarah will be talking more about Android accessibility like the selfie apps in this episode of our podcast regarding iPhone and
Android devices.

iPhone and Android Podcast

This is the third episode of our podcast about iPhone and Android and their accessibility features.

In this episode, there are two topics that were discussed.

  1. Adding and removing pages on your home screen
  2. Tutorial on how to use the three accessible selfie apps for Android and iPhone
    1. Smart Selfie
    2. Back Camera Selfie
    3. SelfieX

Like the first two episodes we’ve made, we hope that this recording can also help those people who want to use Android or iPhone. And those who want to take a selfie on their own using the selfie apps without asking for help from the sighted.

We hope that you enjoy this podcast. And if you have any questions or other concerns, just leave your comments below.

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