iPhone And Android Podcast Fourth Episode

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In this podcast, Sarah will be talking about the Apple iPhone’s accessibility feature called Voiceover that can be found in Settings > Generals > Accessibility.

iPhone and Android Podcast Fourth Episode Hosted by Sarah

This is the fourth episode of our podcast regarding the accessibility with iPhone and Android devices. The following are the topics discussed in this presentation:

  1. VoiceOver Settings
  2. Rotor Options
  3. Gestures and Navigation

What you’ll learn after listening to this iPhone and Android podcast

In the first topic you will learn the different Voiceover settings like the speech rate, different typing modes and many more.

Then you’ll learn about the wonderful feature of Voiceover called rotor; we’ll go over its various options like the text selection, navigation options and the editing tools when inside a text field.

Lastly we will teach you the different Voiceover gestures you can use to operate your iOS device like the iPhone. For example there is a two-finger gesture, three-finger gestures and so on.

This is our attempt to educate anyone who is visually impaired on how to use their iOS devices, its operating system and its built-in screen reader called Voiceover. It is also a chance for us to show the sighted people how the blind is able to use their smartphone like how everybody else does. So hopefully because of this podcast, more blind people will be able to use these devices to become more indipendent. But if you’re sighted, especially if you know someone who is blind, you are welcome to listen to this podcast as well and learn something new from it.

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