6 Reasons Why Getting a Blind Singer to Sing for Your Wedding is a Good Idea

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Two blind people singing

If you are looking for a singer for your event like wedding, I recommend you try a blind singer. I will tell you six reasons why you should do that and why it is a good idea. This post is not to compare a sighted performer to a blind, but obviously to promote blind singers in the Philippines.

You’ve probably heard a few of them on Youtube, but in case if you haven’t yet, above is a video of two blind singers; the female on the video is Sarah Joyce, a blind singer that was featured here several times.

A blind singer sings from the heart

I know one element of a performance is about a person on stage being able to have an interaction with the audience. How is that done? One very popular technique is eye contact. But what if your singer was blind, how could that person do that eye contact strategy to relay the message of the song to people?

If you ever watched a blind singing on TV, the first thing you’d notice is their movement on stage. To some people blind are awkward when they sing. Of course it hurts the blind when they hear a comment like this. But try to concentrate on their voice even for a second. Listen how they sing the lyrics. Try to feel what they feel when singing. I would say that blind singers are very focused when they’re on stage performing, because there’s almost nothing that can distract them and take their focus away from their performance.

Blind singers are very talented

Blind Filipinos are very talented, isn’t it why this blog is created in the first place? To promote blind people in the Philippines, to show what they can do and to allow them and their ideas to be heard using the power of the internet. To prove this, I’ve already posted a few videos where you can watch blind performances. In fact one of the videos became viral recently and got so much attention from the public. I’m talking about this video of Joyce Jimenez, another blind singer from the Philippines.

Blind are very professional when they have a performance

You won’t regret it when you hire a blind singer. They practice hard, they make sure that you’ll get satisfied with their performances and they really sing from their heart so the wedding is just a perfect event for them to perform especially when they sing romantic love songs.

They accept song requests even the songs are not included in the line up

Yes, they are willing to sing songs which are not planned or included in the setlist, and usually they don’t charge more! But don’t take my word for it. I’m just unaware of any instances where a blind performer refuses to sing song requests unless you pay them more.

Some of the blind singers I know can also play musical instruments

What this means is that you don’t have to hire separate musicians to accompany a blind singer. There are some who can play piano. There are also guitar players. So instead of paying two or more musicians, (meaning spending more), you’ll just need to hire a blind (meaning spending less).

Blind are good singers

These have been proven several times already. When you see them joining a singing competition on TV, you usually see them performing in the semi-finals, or even in the finals! When they post their video on Youtube, the video usually becomes viral.

I don’t think you’ll have any problem when you decide to try a blind singer for your wedding because they sing from the heart. It means that you will surely feel the real message of the love song they sing. And because they are very focused on their performances, hiring them will be worth it.

What can you say? Are you considering to hire a blind singer for your wedding? Tell us in the comments and maybe we can help you find one.

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