Visually Impaired Filipinos Have Talent to Share

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Fou Che smiling

Blind Filipinos have something in common. They all love to sing! Talent as we call it, but it is also how they express their feelings. Watch these two blind females as they sing Two Voices one Song from the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle.


The female playing the guitar is Sarah Joyce, another blind singer from the Philippines who I know personally, and the other one is Fou Che.

Blind Street is very proud to feature the talent of blind Filipinos like this video of Karen Carpenter of the Philippines.

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Joey G.

Joey is a blind blogger based in the Philippines. He knows HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. He loves to blog, that's why he created this website. He wants to help his community. At the same time, he also wants to improve his writing skills.

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  1. Jovelyn

    They only prove that disability is not a hindrance to show what you got. They are truly an example to those who are physically fit. If they can, how much more the fit and the complete. And most of the time, they are the one who has the willingness to achieve something compared to the not disable.

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