Sarah Joyce Ocampo and Her Version of Tila in STI College Singing Idol 2014

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Sarah Joyce Ocampo STI College Singing Idol

Watch Sarah Joyce when she performed in the Singing Idol 2014 in STI College. She was the first runner-up in that singing competition held in SM City North Edsa last September 9, 2014.

Singing Idol gave her the chance to expose the talent of PWDs that’s why we’re very thankful to STI college. Because they don’t treat their students who are PWDs differently. They believe in our capabilities and help us in reaching our goals.

The blind community is proud of Sarah Joyce’s achievements once again. She is one of the few singing voices we like hence this post.

To Sarah, please continue to sing from the heart, and continue to improve your abilities especially in singing. Goodluck also with your studies.

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