Vice Ganda with Persons with Disabilities and Their Inspirational Song in It’s Showtime

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Note: ABS-CBN removed the Youtube video of the performance so we removed the embedded video.

This is the performance of Vice Ganda, Ryan Bang and children with disabilities last October in Showtime’s fifth anniversary.

The song lyrics talks about the positive outlook of persons with disabilities despite their situation. Until now discrimination is still present in our society, while PWDs are admirable in dealing with this kind of trials in their lives. They believe that we are all equal in God’s eyes. In fact they also give advice to other PWDs, that they should care less about the negative things they hear about them and just continue to inspire people and serve God through their talent.

If you’re a PWD, don’t lose hope. He has great plans for you. All you need to do is to have faith in Him, and believe that whatever you’re going through right now, that’s God’s work so you will grow. Don’t stop trusting Him. Remember that you’re still alive and in fact watching this video, and I bet if you’d watch the replay of the news yesterday, I’m sure there’s a very small chance that you won’t find news about killings, death and crime.

This is far from luck. You are exactly where Gods wants you to be! So get up, go out there and explore the possibilities.

If you’re a person with disability, God loves you. Stop asking Him why he allowed that to happen to you. In fact you should be asking yourself if what else you can do in spite of your disability. There are employment opportunities. There are seminars where you can attend. There are organizations helping PWDs across the country. But you need to help yourself first.

Maybe this video could help you in some way. Consider this as your inspiration to your future endeavors. Stop complaining. Start moving.

God bless you on your journey towards His Kingdom.

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  1. Bubba

    Thank you, Joey. God works in marvelous, sometime mysterious ways to bring the musical gifts of the blind to the rest of the world. I had not heard of Sarah before but am amazed at her musical gifts of singing and playing instruments. And the acapella is awesome. God bless you daily.

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