Using the White Cane, the Right Way

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I found a video on Youtube showing how to use the white cane. In the video, you can see a sighted person trying to experience that white stick we blind are using. According to her the sighted, it was hard and scary. But it looked like she enjoyed the experience anyway. Watch the video below and if you’re sighted, tell us in the comments if you’ve ever tried it also or if you’re blind, share any tips you may have for those who want to learn how to use the white cane.

Sighted person trying to use a cane


What is a white cane?

A blind holding a white cane
Visually impaired using a white cane

A white cane is a long rodlike device used by visually impaired people. It gives useful information about the environment like if there are obstacles, curves, stairs, or other things in the environment that the visually impaired must deal with. It can also alert other people that there is blind around. It can also help the blind when crossing the street. Drivers usually slow down or stop completely when they see a white cane; that means a blind is about to cross the street and it is their way of saying, hey, we are here.

Why use a white cane?

It can give the blind these benefits:

  • safety
  • identification

Different types of canes


  • aluminum
  • fiberglass
  • carbon fiber


  • collapsible
    • telescopic
    • elastic
  • solid

Cane tips

There are also different styles of cane tips. From small metal tips to large round nylon tips. Or the large marshmallow type tips.

Now you know that white canes come in different sizes, material used and styles. Each has its purpose so choose wisely.

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Joey G.

Joey is a blind blogger based in the Philippines. He knows HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. He loves to blog, that's why he created this website. He wants to help his community. At the same time, he also wants to improve his writing skills.

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  1. Malou Domingo

    Please help. Where can i possibly buy a white cane for my mother. Thanks

    1. Joey G.

      Hi Malou,

      If you’re in the Philippines, contact Resources for the Blind INC. located in Cubao Quezon City at (02) 726-3021.

      They sell white canes and other devices for the blind.

      Hope that helps.

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