The Story of RBI, an Organization that Helps the Blind Filipinos

A hand while reading Braille This is the story of Resources for the Blind Incorporated RBI, an organization that provides products and services for blind Filipinos all over the Philippines. While we know that the Philippine government is doing their

Blind Girl from the Philippines singing Wrecking Ball While Reading Braille

Joyce Jimenez reading Braille Actually this concept is not new to us visually impaired musicians. I remember almost fifteen years ago if my memory is correct, one of the singers of my band was also blind and she was also

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Screen Reader Instead of Braille

Braille Embosser

A hand while reading Braille Assistive technology in this modern time really helps the blind to perform his or her task everyday. For example, when checking his or her email, writing a document or simply in using social networks,